Infrastructure Services

ESOURCE’s assessments are geared to analyze the existing infrastructure and IT strategies, with respect to achieving alignment with business strategy. ESOURCE’s practice leaders have executive level IT experience in Fortune 500 companies. Our analytics and methodologies are centered on client priorities and deliver the detailed reports necessary for making IT investment decisions.

An infrastructure assessment is a detailed analysis of the core hardware, software, ERP and application integration systems currently utilized at your organization. The data collected is used to build detailed reports to provide information to executives so they might address and remediate any deficiencies, plan for anticipated trends, and evolve strategies based on changes to company priorities and objectives.

ESOURCE’s assessments follow industry best practices and time-tested methodologies. We evaluate the architecture of the core infrastructure systems using both subjective and objective measures, including key performance indicators related to critical availability, capacity and usage.

ESOURCE provides the technicians to design and build your initial dashboard. Our cloud based dashboard environment will allow any user to modify or extend their particular dashboard. Your dashboards and your data will be secured at all times. The system is designed to be used throughout an organization by people who want access to data in order to better manage your organization or as input into decision-making processes.