Revenue Cycle

ESOURCE Consulting assures that your organization has the processes, tools, and skills to optimize your revenue cycle performance. ESOURCE tracks your claims at every stage so the provider can follow the process and address any issues, thus allowing for a steady stream of revenue.

ESOURCE will identify opportunities for improved revenue cycle performance by designing and implementing financial and operational improvement plans based on quantified return-on–investment opportunities.

Charge Master Audits

CDM Audit Services

  • Validate CDM accuracy to support compliance
  • Validate CPT/HCPCS code and descriptions
  • Pricing analysis of all procedures, supplies
  • Improve risk management operations
  • Improve charge capture
  • Improve overall coding and reimbursement
  • Analysis across all sub-systems

Revenue Cycle Operational Assessments

Operational Assessment

  • Claims Denial Management
  • Top 25 physicians, specialty, DRG, revenue
  • Top 25 procedures, diagnosis, revenue
  • Charge capture/late charges/missing charges

Reporting and Benchmarking

  • Establish baseline measurements
  • Create applicable benchmarks for all RC areas
  • Monitor and measure progress toward benchmarks

Revenue Cycle Workflow Process Review

  • Workflow process current state
  • Identify areas for improvement (findings/projects)
  • Recommendations for improvement (Best Practice)
  • Create workflow process for future state
  • Risk mitigation strategy for maintaining status quo

ICD-10 Readiness Assessment

Identify Impacts of implementing ICD-10

  • Impacts to IT Systems
  • Revenue workflow processes
  • Business workflow processes

ICD-10 Testing Services

  • Unit/end–to-end testing
  • Integrated testing
  • System interfaces
  • Third party associate
  • Vendor and payer testing

Identify impacts of implementing ICD-10

  • Impacts to policies and procedures
  • Forms and reports
  • Business workflow processes

Post ICD-10 implementation support

  • Claims Denial Management
  • KPI Monitoring
  • ICD-10 Dashboard

Identify ICD-10 training needs

  • Doctors, Nurse Practitioner, Coders
  • Physician Assistants, Billers, Clinicians and IT Staff

Customized training to the role

  • In depth instruction on ICD-10 CM and or PCS Codes
  • Measurable training success
  • Dual coding validation

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Clinical Documentation Improvement

CDI Boot Camp

  • Improves CDI specialist knowledge of ICD-9/10
  • Prep for certification test with AHIMA or ACDIS
  • Focused on the increased documentation of ICD-10

CDI Program

  • Phased Approach
  • Offered by certified ESOURCE CDI professionals
  • Improves quality measurement
  • Improves ability to analyze trend and cost data
  • Improves monitoring of resource and service utilization