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Manufacturing Technician (Day)

Job Location: Chandler, AZ
Shift: 6am-6pm; Sun-Thurs, every other Wed
Pay: $23/hour 

Job Description:
(Level II)

Operates complex equipment and analytical tools, processes, in a clean room environment, which requires appropriate gowning. Technicians are gowned in a gore suit that covers them from head to toe as they perform their work duties. Multi-tasked responsibilities may include minor preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, non-standard processing and problem-solving.

Primary job duties are to perform a - Variety of routine operations supporting wafer fabrication in a specific functional area. Position requires working efficiently from standard procedures and specifications. Technicians work 12 hour shifts and spend the majority of their time standing to perform the work. Some, if not all, tasks performed require repetitive motion to an extent. Candidate must meet either experience or education requirement: 1 - 3 years work experience in Semiconductor cleanroom. 1 - 3 years work experience in production and/or office work, or trade with a focus on utilizing computers/software.

Minimum Educational Requirement: AA degree in related field, including computer software, semiconductor, etc.


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