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Systems Engineer

Job Location: Remote
Shift: Mon-Fri; 8am-5pm
Pay: $40-$42 /hour 

Job Description:
Please note: This role will be 100% remote.

Top Skills:
Jazz/IBM platform

The applications (that sit on the IBM platform): DNG, RQM, JRS, RTC Linux, Windows, SQL server, networking

System Administration:
Linux (SLES/Ubuntu) basic administration and LVM knowledge
Creating a LVM partition
Creating a LVM groups
Creating LVM Logical Volumes
Windows basic administration
Creating shares/verifying permissions
Network settings

Linux bash basic scripting
Windows batch and basic PowerShell
Knowledge of rest api calls and how they work and how to use them
Linux service files (systemd)

Jazz platform:
Websphere Full Profile with ltpa
Liberty configuration
JavaCore dumps how to generate them (not how to debug or read them)
SADC tool
RepoTools familiarity
Transfer websphere jazz app to liberty

SSL Certificates and Java Keystores
Java basic familiarity

SQL Server
Run and write basic tsql select statements with 1 or two joins
Basic backup and restore with transaction logs familiarity
Basic performance knowledge (sp_who, sp_who2, activity monitor)

Install Jazz application instances in Linux
Troubleshoot Jazz app UI issues
Work tickets with IBM Support
Restart and reboot windows and Linux servers (sles 11 and sles 12)


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